In addition to the final production of plastic products, we comprehensively assemble components on 8 assembly lines. Thanks to the extensive production infrastructure, CURTIS provides the entire production cycle of the final product within one factory. In accordance with the customer’s needs, the product made of plastic is subject to the process of final assembly along with packaging and packing the final products into collective packaging. Experienced staff consisting of technologists and production engineers preliminarily analyze the product being implemented for assembly. Experts base their actions on a thorough analysis of the documentation provided by the client. Then a group of engineers models and balances the assembly process, which results in determining the required number of assembly stations with a detailed description of the steps performed in the appropriate sequence. We carry out the assembly process on production lines with a technologically defined tact or in a nest system. How we assemble the final product is determined by the length of the production series for the ordered number of products and the economy of the process. We continuously optimize the originally established assembly process. A group of technical specialists supports the production department in the development and implementation of devices that optimize the assembly process. We make all the devices that increase the efficiency of the assembly process on our own.

assembly process

In order to minimize production costs, maintain the repeatability of the assembly process and maintain the high quality of the product, production stations are equipped with the required pneumatic and electric tools (pneumatic screwdrivers, air ionizers, etc.) for screwing or welding plastic parts.

The assembly process is divided into the following stages:
  • assembly,
  • functional testing,
  • final inspection,
  • packaging.
assembly process

Assembly takes place directly on the production line. The materials for the line are delivered from stock in ESD-protected containers, available for employees at their fingertips.

The assembly process is monitored and verified by employees of the quality control department. All assembled components are registered in the production system, thanks to which it is possible to recreate the history of the assembled component at any time.

print process

We offer the possibility of finishing the surfaces of manufactured plastic products with prints made by pad printing, screen printing or hot stamping.